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Terms used

Personal data – any information about physical person, which can determine and identify that person.
Data management – any automatic or manual operation or sequence of operations, that includes personal data or personal data sets.
Data manager – and website’s administrator (further – Data manager) is small partnership company Familia Nostra (company code 302933460, VAT code LT100010903615), located in Zemdirbiu g. 35, Utena LT-28216, Lithuania,.
Client – active physical person, who is browsing in website.

General information

This privacy policy statement (further – Policy) regulates small partnership company Familia Nostra website’s data obtaining, managing and protecting principles and orders. Before starting to use website, Client must carefully read and get to know with this Policy. By continuing to browse in website, Client approves, that he agrees to this Policy.

By inputting any personal data to the purchase, subscription or other fields, Client agrees that data he provided would be processed by small partnership company Familia Nostra for accounting, awokeX user account creating or awokeX advertising purposes.

By purchasing or using free or full version of awokeX software, Client agrees to provide his used computer components information for users computers ranking purposes and more accurate awokeX advices on manual software adjustments.

Data manager does not take any risk or responsibility and is released from it without any reservations, if the Client did not get acquainted (fully or partly) with provided Policy, although this opportunity was provided for him.

With this Privacy Policy statement we seek to ensure Client’s personal data protection, determine main it’s management principles and to educate the Client with what principles and orders is Data Manager guiding, when managing Clients personal data. Also, we seek to inform Clients about how and why their personal data is managed and what rights does every Data Subject has. Data manager announces, that Personal data management in this Privacy Policy’s determined orders and principles is necessary for proper Familia Nostra data managing and overall activity, when it’s related to personal data, in order to ensure and provide services with efficiency and quality.

Data manager is guided by these data management principles:
Personal data is obtained only for regulated, legal purposes.
Personal data is managed precisely and honestly.
Personal data is kept no longer, than it is needed to.
Personal data is only managed by this right having employees.
All information about data management is confidential.

This Poilicy is made by guiding Lithuanian Republic personal data protection law and other European Union and Lithuanian Republic legislations.

Personal data obtaining, managing and protection

By inputting personal data, Client agrees, that Data manager will manage it with in this Policy and legislation laws provided principles and order.

By inputting personal data, Client also gives a right for Data manager to obtain and manage personal data, that was directly or indirectly provided when using the website and it’s services, within this Policy specified reasons. Client holds a responsibility for data accuracy that is provided for Data manager. If Client personal data changes and it might have an bad impact on his/her relation with Data manager, he/she must provide updated data for Data manager.

By using awokeX software Client does not give any personal data. When using awokeX Client gives only his computer components information and awokeX settings in order to show Client his current computer ranking and help other people when manually adjusting software settings.

Personal data managing

Data manager provides Clients with – useful information and news related to awokeX, also, to congratulate users on their birthdays and to provide awokeX related offers and discounts.

In order to purchase awokeX software, Client needs to fill in personal information to complete purchase.

Client also can use the website without giving out any information about himself, but if he/she would like to receive awokeX related news and discounts or purchase software – website administrator might ask for any of following personal data: email; Name; Surname; Country; Address; City; State; Postal code and if having – company code and VAT code.

Small partnership company Familia Nostra uses 3rd party service providers, which manage users personal data for – accounting reasons and collecting money transactions within this Privacy Policy described principles and orders. Familia Nostra ensures, that services are provided by following the mentioned rules and laws. Service providers are allowed to Personal data only when it is needed to provide an agreed service for a Client, by following harmonized rules with data manager Familia Nostra.

Client personal data protection terms and order

By managing and protecting Clients personal data, Data manager implements organizational and technical solutions, which ensure personal data from incidental or illegal termination. When Client stops using awokeX software (by refunding or informing about it via email), all data about him/her will be erased and destroyed immediately.

Client, as a Data subject rights

At any time, client has a right to ask data manager how is his/hers data managed, ask to fix wrong, inconvenient or inaccurate personal data, ask to stop (except keeping) his/her data managing processes, when data is managed by not following the laws.

If Client want’s, he can submit a complaint about how data manager manages his personal data. Also, Client can contact with Familia Nostra with contacts provided below in order to solve his question.

Client also has a right to submit a complaint to Government’s data protection inspection about data management.


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Final provisions

Website and software administrator is not in any way responsible for any damage, including the damage of computer itself or one of its components or occurred data loss when using the administrator’s website or offered products. Website and software administrator is also not responsible for any of them functionality errors that might occur when using it and which can be caused by loss of electricity, hosting service provider maintenance and etc.

Small partnership company Familia Nostra keeps the right to add or remove these Privacy Policy rules at its own discretion, so by visiting the website, Client has an access to be sure, that he/she has met the newest Privacy Policy version, which will be applied every time Client visits this website.

Contact information
Small partnership company Familia Nostra
Address: Zemdirbiu g. 35, Utena LT-28216, Lithuania
Company code: 302933460
VAT code: LT100010903615