Best PC games booster. Ever.

Get the most FPS of your PC. Up to 20% more PC power for your favourite games!
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4300 hours spent, to maximize your PC with a single click.

we felt tired of all that useless software that meant to give more FPS to games, so we built our own, that we’d like to use. The one, that's easy to use and really helps. And were giving it to you too!

last test results

When using awokeX
Without awokeX

when playing counter-strike


when mining Ethereum


when using Cinema Bench


when rendering After Effects


average amount of
unused ram

* test results are shown from with Asus Notebook PC K551L with 6GB of RAM, Intel I5-4210U, NVIDIA GeForce 840M

The easiest way to become in charge of your computer and get most power of it

Take a control of your computer easily. With all the help from us and community.

Includes: Registry, Services and Startup manager, System cleaner, AwokeX power plan, Windows game mode and more.

awokeX - OS control window
Don’t waste your time with CPU configuration. AwokeX will do everything for you.

Includes: Intelligent CPU cores control, availability to create exceptions.

awokeX - CPU configuration
Easiest way to get to know your HDD. Find out it’s health state and fix it easily.

Includes: HDD manager, partitions analyzer, disks defragmentation.

awokeX - HDD control window
That everyone’s favourite - GPU. Take easy control of it by help from us or community.

Includes: GPU memory overclock, GPU core overclock, fan speed control, voltage control.

awokeX - GPU control window
The biggest RAM release ever seen. Yep, awokeX is that good.

Includes: RAM release, automatic RAM release by timer or loads percentage.

awokeX - RAM control
Beautiful graphics. To see every sensor of every component.

Includes: all possible GPU, CPU, HDD, RAM sensors.

awokeX - GPU, CPU, HDD, RAM Sensors
Benchmark. The most informative and beatiful PC graphic You’ve ever seen.

Includes: Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, Monitor, OS and HDD benchmarks.

awokeX -  benchmark your CPU, GPU, RAM, Monitor, OS and HDD
Know what you are using. Every spec that you’d like to know is here.

Includes: Motherboard, CPU, GPU, HDD, RAM, OS and Monitor detail information.

awokeX - System details, information

9 tools in 1, to boost PC performance. Cool, right?

We took leading software of every computer aspect and put in into one place. And upgraded it.

System Cleaner

software, that erases piled up trash from all computer

Up to 20% more trash found and erased

OS optimizer

program, that adjusts PC settings for best performance

Best OS optimization based on community

CPU optimizer

software, which controls CPU cores, sets their priorities and etc.

Intelligent automatic CPU cores optimization

GPU overclock software

software, that takes control of every GPU aspect

Overclock all of your GPU’s with one click

RAM cleaner

software, that releases cached computer’s RAM

True RAM release, which frees up 30% of RAM

Sensors software

program, that shows every detail of PC components (i.e temperature)

See every possible your PC’s sensor

Benchmark software

software, that test your PC performance

Find out PC bottlenecker and compare stats with others

HDD optimizer

program, that allows to optimize your hard disk drives

Fix your fragmented disks partitions with ease

PC stats

software, that show every computer’s component aspect

Find out everything about your PCs components

awokeX gives you more
FPS and free stuff!

We thought, why not to give something away for those, who will truly enjoy our software? So, the more awokeX you’ll use, the more points you get, that can be changed to FREE LIMITED stuff!

awokeX - special t-shirt
awokeX - special t-shirt

Will be limited to 50 units

Will be limited to 50 units

Two simple guys, who wanted to do better

We saw lot’s of people struggling with they PC’s to achieve the joy of gaming. We wanted to change that. After testing of all that useless software that meant to give more FPS to games, so decided to building our own, that we’d want to use. The one, that really boosts PC performance. And were giving it to you too!

awokeX - meet the team

Write direct email to Erland awokeX - contact us by email

software developer (7 years exp.)

Write direct email to Tom awokeX - contact us by email

designer (6 years exp.)

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Coming on Steam soon!

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